Online Fundraising

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Every person (only one if a Family ticket is purchased) who registers for the walk automatically creates a fundraising page and has the opportunity to fundraise for the Foundation. Fundraising allows your family members and friends, who are not walking, to sponsor you via donations to your own fundraising page. While we encourage walkers to fundraise, you are under no obligation to use the created fundraising page. All walkers with fundraising pages will be displayed either on the Support a Walker page or as one of the top Individuals (by your fundraising total) on our Home page. Also, fundraisers can create and/or join a fundraising "Team" where your individual fundraising efforts are combined under a team total. For details on setting up a fundraising team and joining see the How to Particpate page in the menu above.

To start fundraising, click either the button or menu item Register for Walk above. If you are are walking in a team and there are other individual fundraisers, then one of you should act as a "Team Leader" and create the "Team" page using the button or menu item above Create a Team Fundraising Page. It is ideal to create the team page first as then the other team members can join the team when they register (their own individual page is automatically created).

We encourage all walkers who are actively fundraising to take the time to vist the Help/Tips on Fundraising page in the menu above.

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